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Breath hold workshop
(surf - not sleep- apnea)

Facilitated & Coached by: Raissa Corbett @eternal_surfer (insta)
Hosted by: Sarah Booth @rainbow_beach_learn_to_surf
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Participants attending the surf apnea workshop and emerge with unmatched confidence in the water. Learn to control your breath, calm your mind, and enhance your surfing performance. Gain the skills to tackle waves with ease and transform fear into freedom.


Participants will learn 


  • Breath Control Techniques: Mastering breath control to manage panic and conserve oxygen during hold-downs. 

  • Efficient Oxygen Use: Strategies for minimising oxygen waste while paddling and under waves. 

  • Stress Management: Techniques to remain calm and focused in high-stress situations, reducing the risk of hyperventilation. 

  • Mental Resilience: Building mental toughness to face fears and challenges in the surf with confidence. 

  • Physical Preparedness: Enhancing lung capacity and endurance for better performance and recovery in the surf.


Benefits to their surfing: 


  • Increased Confidence: Tackle bigger waves with less fear and more control. Improved Safety: 

  • Enhanced ability to handle long hold-downs and challenging conditions. 

  • Better Performance: More energy and focus for paddling, catching waves, and executing maneuvers. 

  • Enhanced Enjoyment: Reduced anxiety leads to more enjoyable and fulfilling surf sessions. 

  • Community and Connection: Join a supportive community of surfers who share your passion and challenges.

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breath hold workshop

Saturday 23rd March
Rainbow Beach
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from @eternal_surfer

All set up for a static Apnea session 🌊🏄‍♂️

Ever heard of ‘apnea’ and wondered how it connects to surfing?

Apnea, essentially breath-holding, is a core skill in freediving but it’s also incredibly valuable for surfers.

It’s about learning to control your breath, stay calm under pressure, and increase your underwater endurance – crucial for those moments caught under a big wave.

Here are some key benefits of incorporating surf apnea into your surf training:

🏄‍♀️Improved Breath Control: Enhance your ability to hold your breath longer, essential during unexpected hold-downs.

🧘Increased Calmness: Develop mental resilience to stay composed and focused, even in challenging surf conditions.

💪Enhanced Safety: Gain crucial skills that could be lifesaving in critical surfing situations.

🫁Better Overall Fitness: Improve lung capacity and cardiovascular health, boosting your surfing performance.

Whether you’re a surfer, or just an ocean lover these skills are a game-changer in your relationship with the ocean. 🌊🧘‍♂️

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We are excited to have Raissa from @eternal_surfer deliver the surf apnea (breath hold) workshop in Rainbow Beach.


We'll be there on the day joining in and hosting Raissa, welcoming her and you to Rainbow Beach and the workshop.


I'm personally super keen for this as I need to learn some techniques for hold downs before my next overseas surf trip, and for confidence in larger waves.

Even just knowing I'm doing the workshop has me pushing the surf a bit harder.  Apparently its a mental game among other things... so I can't wait to learn good techniques and practice them.


See you in the water!!!

Sarah @rainbow_beach_learn_to_surf

Learn more about Raissa and her workshops, and what she knows at her website!
click the link!

How to join the workshop!

Send us a message or give us a call and have a chat and register your interest or fill in the form below.

0435 934 987

We will pass your email details to Raissa for payment and bookings.


Surf Apnea (Breath Hold) Workshop

Saturday 23rd March 2023


Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre

Cost $180pp

Register your interest

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Surf Apnea (Breath Hold) Workshop

run by 

Raissa Corbett from Eternal Surfer

Hosted by

Sarah Booth from Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf

Get in touch

ph 0435 934 087 sarah



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