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Rainbow Beach Learn to surf t-shirt's

What does the artwork on our t-shirts mean?
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Meaning of the Artwork

The meaning of the artwork is about people of different backgrounds coming to Rainbow Beach, to learn to surf and be in our place of paradise.  


Symbols represent the journey from your home to Rainbow Beach. As well as the experiences you share when you’re here.  The message sticks hold great knowledge, respect, and stories about the ocean in which we swim.


When we go somewhere different, we are reminded, or learn new ways, of looking at the world and ourselves. Take this home with you.



Sarah Booth (RBLTS), Nikki Kennedy~Artist, Dean Marshall (RBLTS) 

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Artist: Nikki Kennedy 

We are very proud to have Aunty Nikki's art on our shirts.  Nikki and her family have been an important part of sharing and promoting indigenous culture in our community for many years.  Nikki's art can be seen around the community such as on murals at the schools, totem poles, framed art, and of course now our shirts. 

To reach Nikki email her at

Nikki's Artwork ~ Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf 2020 T-Shirt

In Nikki's words...

"Hi my name is Nikki Kennedy, an indigenous artist. I am part of the Gubbi Gubbi people. Most of my family are locals who grew up in the Tin Can Bay area.  I have been living here for the past 11 years. In this time I have been an activie member of the  the Local Indigenous  Community Group".

"I would like to thank both  Dean  and Sarah for the opportunity to have my artwork as part of their business  logo.  I'm absolutely Stoked! "

Thanks Nikki.

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Sarah, Nikki, Jacinta and Maurice (Gammin' Models)

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