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School Holiday Learn to Surf Program

Welcome to the Summer Holidays in Rainbow Beach! We can't wait to have the beach full of people having fun, spending time with their families and of course learning to surf!

We've scheduled a school holiday learn to surf program each week over the summer holidays to get the kids into surfing in a supportive and encouraging environment where parents can become involved or watch from the beach or take a break and leave the kids to the surf and our experienced and qualified surf coaches.

Our program can be used two ways. It is set up to give kids an on-going surfing experience during the holidays, when they have loads of energy and time.

Option one: a one week intensive program consisting of three- two hour surfing lessons. Lessons run between Friday/Saturday and conclude on Wednesday's. We select the best weather and conditions for the lessons each week based on tide times, swell and wind predictions. When you sign up for the week we will advise of session times. We don't want to take up all your time on holidays so the three sessions get spread over five days.

HOW TO ENROL: Head over to our online booking page and choose the holiday surfing program, pick which week you want and sign up. Cost is just $125 per person. Once you're enrolled we will be in touch with times and days for your first lesson.

Option Two: spread your lessons over a couple of weeks (great if you're local or here for a few weeks). You'll need to get in touch by calling 0435 934 087 to purchase a pass and be booked into sessions.

Cost to be advised.

Program lessons include beach drills, basic surfing, surf safety, and plenty of coaching feedback over the lessons. All surfing equipment is included - high quality learner surf boards, leg ropes, sun shirt/rash shirt.

What to bring: swim wear (modest swimwear), sunscreen on, water and a towel.

For more information please call 0435 934 087

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