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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Another mothers' day is upon us. You need to gift her the best gift yet. But maybe she's not your usual mum who likes smelly things or things in general!

Look no further!

Get your mum an action packed surfing lesson with us at Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf!

Throw her in the deep end and get her a gift voucher to get wet with the best!

Simply give us a call or email and we will send you out a lovely gift voucher for your action mum!

0435 934 087 or

You can choose how much you want to spend but here are some options:

Get her a voucher for the daily surf school, just $33

Or a private lesson with JD-the Aussie Care Bear (he will look after her), $70

Or simply a gift voucher for a dollar amount $50 or any other amount you wish.

Hope this helps!

We can also organise a bonus gift of something smelly to add into your action and adventure based gift voucher.

No problem at all, just add on $10 to the total cost and we will send it to you!

But really we would also like to wish all the mums who surf, who want to surf and who take their kids surfing a really happy mothers day. We hope you get a day of love and lovely moments to thank you for all your hard work and unconditional love that you put out into the world through your kids and through any other things you do.

All the best,

Love Sarah & JD

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