Don't let the cold keep you out of the water!

Well I'm starting with a story.

The first year I bought a wetsuit, which was only a few years ago, I was amazed at how much more comfortable I was in the water and wind. (By the way it was just a 2mm long sleeve high cut wetsuit). I couldn't believe that I'd been staying out of the water because it was too cold. I'd been missing out. My surfing would stall. All because of the lack of a wetsuit!

Admittedly here in Rainbow Beach we have #thebestwinterbeachinaustralia ! Blocked from the coldest winds, sunny from the crack of dawn, beautiful winter water and lovely waves. And there is of course benefits to cold water submersion on your immune system (look up Whim Hof for more on this). But to keep you enjoying throughout winter a wetsuit is an essential piece of your kit. Surfer or swimmer or other.

There's so many options of course. Lets get some terminology going;

Springsuit - short arm, short leg

Steamer - long arm, long leg

Long John - long legs, singlet style upper body

Hot Top - a cross between a rashie and a wettie. Usually made with super high tec amazing fabric that locks in and helps promote warmth.

Vests - singlet or with arms that is designed to provide warmth in the torso

Pants - well pants are pants ;)

High Cut Wetsuit (for the ladies) - like a one-piece so has a high cut leg, but usually long sleeves and cover across the top to keep the torso and shoulders and arms protected from the cooler conditions.

Then we start to look at wetsuit thickness. This is where you'll notice numbers and other bits.

1mm - generally this is the hot-top or pant made from heat promoting materials. We offer the Aleeda brand of metalite 'hot tops' singlet, short sleeve and long sleeve and long pants. These pieces can be used at change of season for most of the year, likely not summer!

2mm - this weight is generally great for adding in a layer of protection and warmth that's usable Autumn, Winter and Spring here at Rainbow Beach.

3mm - at 3mm you're starting to add warmth and protection on a level that awesome in Winter. If you were further south you'd be looking at 4mm suits, usually at our latitude we find the 3mm are sufficient.

3/2 - means that the torso of the wetsuit has 3mm protection and the extremities are 2mm weight, usually wetsuit material - neoprene, rubber, nylon with various different qualities which give a wetsuit more or less technicality. A high performance wetsuit will contain more technological advancements which its wearer will be needing for the activity (think pro surfer etc). A wetsuit for scuba diving will be very different to one for surfing and again different to one for swimming.

So in all that technicality you should now be able to read our wetsuit catalogue like a pro! We are making an order for local delivery to Rainbow Beach, Gympie, Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove with a time frame for ordering shutting very very soon, 19th May 2020.

So take a look at our catalogue, and if there's something you're looking for get in touch, we'd love to help you get a great wetsuit for a great price.

Plus we find that when you're in a comfy wetsuit theres really no need to take it off for most of the day. So feel free to tag us into photos or stories on #whatyoudoinyourwetsuit my personal favourite is to drink my coffee in my wetsuit. Also car washing in your wetty is great - you stay warm!

See our attached catalogue for our pricing and some basic options.

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RBLTS Wetsuit Catalogue 2020pdf

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